Warehouse management software

Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system is a software application that enables organisations to monitor and administrate warehouse operations. Digital ERPs warehouse management system works with real time data enabling the organization to manage basic operations like orders, shipment and receipts. We mitigate problems and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency. Our WMS operates with real-time data and improves inventory accuracy.

cloud based warehouse management system

Cloud Based 

A cloud-based warehouse management system is a SaaS model that offers flexibility, security and scalability. It also offers automatic software features without additional capital expenditure.

On-premise software

On-premise Based

We offer total-in house control of your operational data with our flexible and affordable in-house warehouse software. The on-premise warehouse software enables the organization to have complete control over security and build easy connectivity.

High Efficiency and Process Time

Improve your management system and keeps warehouse running smoothly

Inventory Tracking

Our system enables the use of advanced tracking system, including Radio Frequency Identification and Barcode scanners to detect the goods location easily.

Inventory Tracking

Powerful Reporting and Status Update

DigitalERP provides multi warehouse support for large and small facilities and provide real-time global inventory visibility for all users. It builds a perfect link between your logistics environment and equipment’s available.

Experience Total Traceability 

Warehouse Metrics

Our WMS features graphical representation of employee to employee performance and transactions performed between branches to branches. It is build on filters and user established parameters.

Slotting Optimization

Our WMS detects the velocity of items within a warehouse and suggest optimal pick and put-away location based on their speed.

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Complex features made easy 

Leverage our cutting-edge automation to handle warehouses

Drop Shipping 

 Cross Docking 


Customized and Clear Reporting To meet your needs

Standard reports are highly crucial for a supply chain process; therefore, it offers the customised reports to be saved, used, sorted and distributed electronically. The shipping documents are also customized based on client’s requirements.

Support Features

DigitalERP offers various features such as specific features of on-site and telephone or direct response support capability. We are regarded as one of the highly-experienced service provider in the business. We ensure efficiency and full-commitment in all our projects through proper coordination and integration within the team.