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Purchase Software

Purchase Software

DigitalERP purchase management software allows the users to get correct propositions at the right time to reduce their inventory level. The users can improve their purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales order, forecasting manufacturing orders etc. Our project management software is a powerful suite for open source business application and offers great visibility for purchasing operations and inventory management. The module enables you to generate and trace orders, throughout the procurement process.

Effortlessly manage suppliers and purchase orders

Enhance your production network and inventory performance

Automate your Purchase Workflow

Enhance your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules relying upon stock levels, strategic guidelines, logistic rules, forecasting manufacturing orders etc. The users can easily select different replenishment methods for each item relying upon assembling and conveyance methodologies.

Automate Purchase software

Price List of Suppliers and Available Products

Settle on shrewd buy choices by utilizing the best cost The users can import suppliers price list and references with ease in order to make smarter decisions. The user can easily track the availability of their product in suppliers stock and check the status of their order.

Easy Handling of Products& Manage invoicing

The users can design drafts of invoices with easy modification or cancellation features. 

Organize the movement of locations, Create different sales prices, barcodes and references to differentiate similar products, The products location can be easily identified.

Multi-Companies Management

The odoo instance enables the users to synchronize operations between different companies or warehouses. It helps you to create sales order and manage invoices for all companies at same time.

Fully Integrated with other Odoo Apps

The app if fully integrated with other applications such as Inventory, Invoicing and accounting.