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Point of sale software

Intuitive and Easy to Use  

Quick Setup, Purchase in seconds and compatible to multi-devices

We provide Odoo POS systems which helps to enhance your business process with its simple and user-friendly app. Our technology enables the managers to collect consumer behaviour data, increase customer engagement and enhance buying motivation.

Our POS software package provides efficiency and customer loyalty by eliminating unnecessary queues and managing business intelligently.

POS software for retailers

POS For Retailers 

Our unmatched advanced POS software provides retail advantage and helps to effortlessly manage and grow your business. We bring success to your retail business by offering a fully integrated point of sale solution which is hardware integrated. Our retail management software’s are both cloud-based and local server-based POS system and provide services to all multi-channel and multi-location retailers.

POS software for Resturant

POS For Reataurant 

We offer browser based and OS non- dependent POS systems to help independent restaurants cut cost and increase revenue. Our POS system helps to ease all restaurant operations by offering high tech features such as inventory and stock management, digital restaurant menu, Financial accounting etc.

Capabilities of our POS system

Integrated Inventory Management

Odoo Inventory application consequently inputs any transaction from the POS in the stock. The clients have a real time access to all the products without loosing time.
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Profit-Oriented Design

Pricing and Delivery: Set a floor-based Pricing and get fast updates on takeout’s and delivery. The software accepts multiple payment method (Cash, Bank Card etc.) 

Integration: We seamlessly integrate with Odoo Apps such as Email Marketing, Inventory, Sales, eCommerce etc.Our Hardware is integrated with electronic cash register, barcode scanner, weighing machine and thermal printer.

Best-suited Hardware Solutions 

A We provide a cross-platform hardware solution that can be configured easily with Desktop PC& Laptop, Tablet (IOS&Android) & Industrial Touchscreen. easy-configuration capabilities. The POS can operate efficiently with various hardware devices such as PosBox, Barcode Scanners, Cash Registers, Recipient Printers and Card Readers.