CRM Software for small businesses

CRM Software

DigitalERPs Open Source CRM system is a robust browser-based sales software designed to improve organizational productivity. Our CRM is an open source solution with a highly integrated collective of ERP applications at your disposal.

Get accurate forecast


  • Get all insights to increase your business productivity

  • Design custom dashboards to view your business at glance

  • Make easy to create reports and flow charts 

Achieve more in less time


  • Automate simple activities such as calls, meetings, mail and quotations.

  • Keep a tap on your progress with additional features such as page view.

Drive leads with edutainment

DigitalERP’s CRM is designed to fortify great propensities and helps to improve win rates with real-time recognition.

Develop a collective agenda

The integrated calendar enables one to easily schedule their meetings and phone calls. It helps company to keep a track on their employees task performance.

Social Network Integration

Our CRM provides social intelligence capability to your sales process and enables the users to gain insight from various social media portals.

Build connectivity with your customers

It allows the company to remain informed about their client’s progress with its highly distinctive features such as calling logging and quotations.

cloud software

Lead Automation and Marketing Campaigns

The marketing campaigns allows the users to automate lead acquisitions, promotions and follow ups. The campaign helps the business in making smarter decisions by guiding the companies on their investment decisions and marketing activities.