Account Software

Account Software  

DigitalERP offers Odoo’s comprehensive and tightly coupled accounting software that connects directly to the user’s bank or paypal account. It is a full featured accounting software that provides a global state of one’s business. DigitalERP’s general and analytical accounting handles all your business needs since its closely integrated with all application modules.

Odoo’s accounting offers strong accounting features with a full chart of accounts, fixed assets management, depreciation, accounts payable and basic reports. They also comprise of budgeting and invoicing tools and a record-breaking number of add-ons.

Attractive life-changing features

Bank Synchronization

Users can easily sync bank statements with their respected banks and import files. 


 It enables the users to create smart invoices, manage recurring bills and track payments with ease.

Manage Bills and Expenses

It controls suppliers invoices and provides an accurate forecast of user’s future bills.

Easy Reconciliation

It saves your time and automates 95 percent of reconciliation with their smart tools.

Faster Pay

Automated follow-ups and electronic invoicing

The application allows its users to create &send smart invoices and receive online payments. It sends quick reminders to all debtors and automates follow-ups to get paid faster. It automatically generates smart invoices from sale orders and base them on time

Advanced Access rights

The ERP has super flexible access right and pre-sets up default configuration for all accountants and advisors.

Credible Statements

Design reports the way you want

It helps its users to create their own earning reporting, balance sheets and cash flow statements. DigitalERP’s accounting software also features intelligent cubes to report across dimensions. The users can annotate and compare different data in order to gain better insight of their business progress.

Manual Recording of Transactions is not required

              Integrated with other applications

It is highly integrated with other applications of odoo such as Sales, Inventory, Point of Sales, Expenses etc.

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