About Us

Digital Marketing System Pvt. Ltd. is a next generation, unified dealer of custom ERP solutions based in Indore and Canada. We have been designing breakthrough products and custom automation solution that redefine market for over 24 years. Our dexterous team of engineers develop offerings that provide ongoing value and innovation. Our diverse knowledge and structured processes enable the company to conceptualize, design, build, integrate, install and service any sized custom solutions. We are proudly partnered with ODOO that enables us to develop flexible and robust ERP solutions for our clients.

Our distinctive track record of innovation and drive for excellence sets us apart from other competitive leaders. Our comprehensive strategy extends from analysis and development of customized concepts and standards through implementation; it also covers tailor made services such as programming, installation, commissioning, start-up support, and on-site service.

We provide extensive range of technology and deliver top-of line customer service.

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