Latest Updates of manufaturing in ODOO 10


Knowing about the  new ODOO 10 launched, it has brought specially new advantageous feature for manufacturing industries and Human resource as well. This time ODOO 10 has brought a major highlight over manufacturing industries which has been a stepping stone for this integrated ERP which manages Planning, Quality, Operations, Maintenance, Traceability and PLM. If someone has missed out the updates regarding the ODOO10 version then this place will surely help you to understand completely which will help in building more knowledge about ODOO 10.
ODOO has proved to create itself as “ALL APPLICATIONS UNDER ONE ROOF “ and has accepted the fact that ODOO loves to move on with the technical changes in environment.
The highlights this time in this version has been emphasized completely on Manufacturing segmented industries by adding certain new features which would help in increasing the work flow process and integrity.

On precise note it has been focused on MRP+MAINTENANCE+PLM+QUALITY
Let us start concluding what are the features regarding ODOO 10 since the complete focus has been on the manufacturing segment :

1. Routing :

  • Master data -Plots graphs in order to route the traceability.
  • Shipping of products can be tracked
    Path : Manufacturing –> Master Data –> Routings
Odoo CMS - a big picture

2. Displaying worksheets in the look user wants

3. Planning

4. Dashboards

  • Calculation of overall equipment efficiency
Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • Tablets to record work operations
  • Record productions
  • Display Worksheets
  • Time tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Barcode Support
  • Trigger issues
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Path : Manufacturing –> Dashboard

5. Control Panel

Path : Manufacturing — > Routes –> Work Center Operations — > Operations

6. Operations :

  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Unbuild Orders
  • Scrap
Path:Manufacturing –> Operations
7. Work Orders
  • Time Tracking :Production Line Calculation.
  • Quality Alert : Generates alert for the product to be low/high.
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Path :Manufacturing –> Dashboard — > WORK ORDERS

8. PLM:

  • Bill of Material revision
  •  PLC orders.
  • Change orders features
  • Managing products and its history.
  • Manages BOM request
  • Advanced Routing feature attached with PLM

ODOO 10 has added a new MRPMASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULE feature which will provide forecasting based on :

  • Starting inventory
  • On demand
  • Indirect forecasting
  • Supply and production forecasting
Odoo CMS - a big picture
The new features introduced in OdOO10 MRP app:
  • BoMs
  • Finite Capacity Scheduler (Odoo Enterprise feature)
  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Push & Pull Rules
  • MPS (Odoo Enterprise feature)
  • OEE(Odoo Enterprise feature)
  • Work Center Tablets (Odoo Enterprise feature)
  • Reports (Odoo Enterprise feature)
  • New Dashboard (Odoo Enterprise feature)
    For bill of material we can select a work operation where the raw material is being consumed,when nothing is set as in the field then products will be consumed at the latest work operation but if some of them are being consumed in multiple work centers then we have to reduplicate the line of bill of material this is been same with the case of finished goods also.
Odoo CMS - a big picture

This MPS feature will certainly offer following advantages:
1. Production,Planning ,Purchasing and Manufacturing Control.
2. Better business plans and forecasting ability.
3.Improved Efficiency and Accuracy of the company.
4.An approximate rough cut of capacity planning.

The highlight has been there on the ROUTING feature which has been theoretical done with simple routes or with the parallel concept.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Adding up of feature of Maintenance in the enterprise of the machine has also bought up certain more advanced ODOO features as it has helped in better communication between Manufacturing,Logistics and Quality that plays a major important role.

Their has been a Product Configuration option also where there has been addition of variants and product matrices.
Further we can now conclude that there are certain features that have come up separately in community and enterprise version :


1. BOM/Kits/Manufacturing Orders/MPS/Routing/Work orders
2. Scheduling Of manufacturing orders


1. Dashboard Facility
2. Scheduling of word order
3. Word center planning
4. Statistics and dashboard progress
5. Touchscreen and barcode UI

So this was all about the helpful features about ODOO 10 certainly for more updates stay tuned to our blog .